One Year stand with ISB

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I promise not to make this a chronicle of events unfolding in ISB or the world in general. These posts will generally qualify those events with my thoughts. At the same time I promise it will be enjoyable :-)

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Bye Bye ISB?

So we are in the last week. Its been a very eventful year. The last month was one of the busiest. not the usual kinds. We were too busy partying. All clearances need to be completed before the big day on 7th. This would probably be the last post from the ISB network. I am taking the laptop to the IT dept for stripping it off its preferred ISB machine status. In a few hours it will be a dumb terminal. And i hope it will remain like this for sometime now.

SO its been a great year. Now back to the real world, back to the grind. But am fully equipped!! This space shall continue...